The United Ireland Party

“It’s Better Together”


Our party strives to be inclusive of all Irishmen and Irishwomen. It is not so much a political force as a national movement. A positive movement, designed to be a force for good. Ireland first, everything else is secondary.


On Conflict:
We are strongly anti-violence. We play our games on the field of play. We shake hands when a match is over, no matter what the result, win, lose or draw. The loss of any life is a price we are not willing to pay. There is a better way, the United Ireland way.


On Freedom:
Freedom is the principle which is to the fore in our beliefs. It is the foundation of every nation and state. Before something becomes a political reality, it must be in the realm of possibility. Creating a political outlet allows this to come to the fore.


On Government:
We support the current institutions but we believe that this is not enough, we must go further. We will outline how these institutions should operate in due course. We welcome any solutions which one can offer.


On Police:
We are strongly anti-violence. We support An Gardai Siochana and the PSNI and will assist both to the full extent of our ability. Members are asked to help foster support for both police forces, particularly the PSNI.


On Elections:
We acknowledge the power of the ballot box and we respect the decision that the electorate make. We never use force to achieve anything. We aim to run candidates in all elections. The next elections will be the point at which we will run our first candidates.


On Unity:
In order for our party to serve its true purpose, we must have members from all shades of green, all shades of white and all shades of orange. The United Ireland Party will seek to highlight what different sectors of our nation have in common not what seperates them. For this is not just our past but our future. We seek to further the common good of Ireland.


North, South, East, West. One Island, One People, One Nation.

We never force anyone to do anything but we are trying to provide leadership, hope and vision of a future which we believe to be in the interest of everyone. Representatives must at all times provide solutions and offer belief.

Fear is NOT persuasion.


On Organisation:
To function correctly, our party must be a 32 county organisation, we seek in particular representatives from those areas worst hit by the Troubles.

We seek only to attract members who want to be part of our team. We want leaders, thinkers, solution providers and people with a track record of getting difficult things done in the right way. We aim to foster a togetherness. Nothing is out of the discussion, no view is too extreme, although all members must believe in a sense of fairness. Humility is the foundation of doing things the right way. One does not allows have to be right.

As our constitution makes no reference to the need for a political party, we see no need for complex party infrastructure. Instead, members are asked to join, support and develop the party. The elected representatives have the main power in terms of policy formulation and direction. However, for any decision with regard to party policy, it is one member, one vote.


On Core Competencies:
Although we have views and policies on all areas of public life. Our core competency is in Uniting Ireland. We are happy to leave other policy areas to other parties who may have more expertise.


On Policy of Abstention:
Members can abstain from their elected duties if they wish. However they must demonstrate that their time and resources are being used in a manner which serves the nation best. Any member found to be abusing this policy will be disciplined or expelled depending on the decision of the Executive Council.


Standards in Public Office:
We ask each of our elected representives to ask of themselves, are they doing the best they can? On a regular basis. This self accountability should ensure they are kept active as long as possible. Although the ballot box is the true test of accountability.


On Terms in Office:
We agree that the Max dail/seanad term should be five years. However no deputy/senator should be able to serve more than two terms.


On the Good Friday Agreement:
We fully support this historic agreement in all its detail. We look forward to working with all elected representatives to fully implement all its terms.


On Orientation:
We are a national party. We are not interested in petty local affairs. However we do intend to run candidates in all elections.


On Ireland:
We see Ireland as a great place. A place where people are free. We see our nation as a place where, all people of all backgrounds can live in harmony. Although things may never be perfect, striving to make them so is something which we believe to be a noble venture. The Pursuit of Unity begins here.


What you can do:
Joining is free. Support is optional. Anything of use to the cause is encouraged. The cause being the continuation of peace as a start and then over time, the foundation of trust. And with this trust, unity can be achieved over time.


We are a 32 county party. However we encourage overseas interest also. Anywhere where there are Irish people, a branch can be established. Note: you don’t have to be Irish to join. We welcome all backgrounds.


External Affairs:
We see ourselves and our neighbours (England, Scotland, Wales, The Islands) as being able to coexist in a productive fashion. Betterment of all being the goal, although that will require give and take on all sides. The proven and tested means of negotiation are the basis for future discussions. We welcome a debate on this very issue.


European Affairs:
We are very pro-Europe. Europe has helped Ireland develop from a very low standard of living to where she stands today. We welcome their constructive criticism of our affairs and will strive to promote the European project.


International Affairs:
We do not wish to lecture other nations on how to run their affairs. But we are happy to share our literature, music, dance and other cultural activities with them. We welcome all guests to our island.


On Timelines:
We see our party as a Special Purpose Vehicle of sorts. The lifetime of the party may well be short. This is something which we have no problem with, for as long the goal is reached then we will retire/go elsewhere safe in the knowledge that our aims have become mainstream political realities. We have no problem letting individuals migrate to other parties and don’t have any qualms about former representatives of other parties joining us.