One Country, One Nation, Two Teams?

With the rumpus over the footballing situation on our fair Isle, I felt it necessary to vent my frustration on the state of the conversation or lack there of.  It’s quite simple, just get rid of the existing structures and build a new one. If that means two songs before kick- off so be it. If that means no song before kick-off, grand, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of songs during the match.

If you look at any sport where Ireland have been successful, the overarching theme is that we play as one team ( golf, rubgy, cricket, GAA etc). I remember in primary school soccer matches, no matter whether you were a good player, a bad player or had very little interest in playing, everyone participated. That’s the essence of sport, participation.

To use a political  comparision, if McGuiness (who maintains he was never in the Prov. IRA) can sit down and run a statelet with Ian Paisley (who always said “No”) then surely the FAI and the IFA can sit down, discuss their issues (all one of them), and come to an amicable agreement. Not everyone has to be happy with the outcome, just enough.

Please grow up!