The Barn

It can often be difficult to get really great coffee, particularly in a city which you are less than familiar with, not even mentioning the merciless bombardment by Starbucks this and Costa that.  Thankfully, Berlin has an abundance of people who value quality coffee and plenty of coffee connoisseurs to meet that demand.

Situated a little bit away from the main thoroughfares on Auguststrasse, The Barn is a compact little coffee shop whose owners offer an authentic “third-wave” experience. I went there mainly because it was close to where I was staying. But as soon as I got arrived, it was clear that these guys meant business. When you see the freshly roasted coffee on the shelves, it’s always a good sign.

They also have a second location which is used primarily  as their roastery and they host events there also. There was a talk by James Hoffmann of Squaremile Coffee Roasters on the same day. Unfortunately I didn’t make it but it clearly shows the approach of  “The Barn” to their craft.

As far the coffee itself, it was fantastic. From the first sip, there was smoothness and delicate flavours coming through.  A good flat white is hard to beat and this was up there.  Particularly when you get the aftertaste and caffeine buzz later.

Although not spacious inside, sitting outside it was the kind of place where you could go in for a quick espresso and spend the day there reading or watching the world go by.


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