Situated in a disused Kreuzberg public toilet, Burgermeister certainly captures the quirkiness and vibe that defines Berlin. We arrived on a Tuesday evening and already there was a queue of about 15/20 people waiting to order.

As my friend waited in line, not being one to enjoy a queue, I hopped into the nearest bar, picking up a couple of takeaway (€2) pints. Drinking in public seems like such a novelty to someone who normally resides in Dublin.

Once we got in sight of the menu, I did a double take when I saw the prices. All (or nearly all) burgers were under €5, with sides available for just over €2.

I went for the Hausmeister and my friend had the Meisterburger along with two sides of chilli chips. Each burger was generous in size and cooked to perfection with enough juiciness present.  The buns were also just on the fluffy side which shows the attention the guys at Burgermeister put into each meal. The chips were unexceptional but certainly didn’t take from the enjoyment of the burger.

This place already has an excellent reputation,  and when I mentioned it to few locals, they recommended it whilst quickly insisting not to tell anyone. Go there!

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