Polish Phrases

Hello – Cześć
Hey – Hej

And phonetic below …

Good Morning/afternoon – Dzień Dobry – Jen Do bra

Good Evening – Dobry Wieczór – Do bray veeaychur

Whats up – Co tam słychać / Jak Leci – yak lay chee

Everythings ok – Wszystko w porządku – fshistko porzh ont ku

Nothing new – Nic Nowego – Neets nov-a-go

How are you feeling – Jak się czujesz – yak shim chew-yesh

Kochanie – Darling – co han ee ya
Skarbie – ” Shkarbia

Miśiu – Teddy Bear / Honey Bear(Thanks Ned) – Meeshu

What are you doing today – Co robisz dzisiaj – tso robeesh Jee shy

What time is it – Ktora Godzina – k-tura go-jeena

Half – Poł – Poo

Whats your name – Jak masz na imię – yak mash na imya

How old are you – Ile masz lat – ee la mash lat

I am 24 years old – Mam 24 lat. (Lit. I have 24 years)mam .. lat

Pleased to meet you – Miło mi – me whoa me

Ok so bye for now – No to na razie cześć (not a direct translation but in english that is how we’d say it) – No to na razha chesht

Bye bye – Papa – papa

Goodbye – Do Widzenia – Dough veet zenia

Bye(slang) – Narka – Narka”

And the second part… When practicing these, put the emphasis on the second last syllable, unless words are inflected.

Just to clarify phoentics etc…..

Hi – Cześć – pronounced cheshch (ch, as in church)

Hey – Hej – pronounced Hey

Hey – Ahoj – pronounced Ahoy
All the above are totally informal and for friends….not elders, colleagues, or new aquaintances.

Good day – Dzień Dobry – pronounced Gen Do-bra – G as in George, not J like Jeff)

Good Evening – Dobry Wieczór – pronounced Do-bri vee-ay-ch-oor (‘i’ in ‘bri’ section sounds like i in ‘it’), say last word quickly.

How are things? – Co słychać? – pronounced Tso swee-hatch?
How are things? – Jak leci? – pronounced Yak lay-chee?
How are you? – Jak się masz? – pronounced Yak sh-en (en, as in french sound vowel sound in ‘vin’, n not said) mash?

Everythings ok/all in order – Wszystko w porządku – pronounced fshistko po-je-ond-ku (je sound is like that in french, j’adore)

Nothing new – Nic Nowego – pronounced Neets nov-ay-go

How are you feeling? – Jak się czujesz? – pronounced yak sh-en (en, as in french sound vowel sound in ‘vin’, n not said) chew-yesh

Kochanie – Darling – pronounced Ko-han-ye, can say to boy or girl

Skarbie – Treasure – pronounced Skarb-ye

Miśiu/Miśek – Teddy Bear / Honey Bear – pronounced Meeshu/Meeshek

What are you doing today? – Co robisz dzisiaj – pronounced, Tso robeesh Gee-shy (G as in George, not J as in Jeff)

What time is it? – Która godzina – pronounced k-toora go-geena (as above with G, not J)

Half – Poł – Poo, saying faster than we do in English, its a short sound.

Whats your name? – Jak masz na imię? – pronounced yak mash na imy-en (en, as in french sound vowel sound in ‘vin’, n not said)

How old are you? – Ile masz lat? – pronounced ee-lay mash lat

I am 24 years old – Mam dwadzieścia cztery lata – pronounced mam d-wa-gesh-chye ch-tery lata. Again, G as in george.

Pleased to meet you – Miło mi – pronounced mee-wo mee

Ok, so bye for now – No to na razie cześć – pronounced No to (like ‘toe’ – not like english ‘to’) na raz-ye cheshch (ch, as in church)

Bye bye – Papa – papa (totally informal, for close friends only)

Goodbye – Do Widzenia – Do veed zenya, formal/universal

Bye is also – Cześć – cheshch (ch, as in church) – for friends only