Copycats are a group of people who look at others and imitate what they see but not what they actually do. Essentially people are too fixated with the consequence and not focused enough on the process. This generally results in failure, and disappointment.

The process is where the hard work is and where the real rewards come from. Imitation is temporary, natural is real. The choice is yours.

Success Leaves Clues

Any business/team/individual which has been successful can attribute their success to a number of reasons, too often the answer is natural talent, but in reality this is much too simple an explanation. What about all the hard work that is put in behind the scenes? A lot of people are happy to deny themselves the possibility of success by choosing not to embrace hard work and sacrifice as it would too uncomfortable for them. This is a normal reaction, but fooling yourself into believing that all success can be explained by one factor is completely absurd!

I liken success to the lollapalooza effect, as described by Charlie Munger. I hope to offer up my thoughts on what some of the clues are in future posts.

Success leaves clues. Some of these clues may be obvious, some may not. The question is, are you prepared to find them? And even once you have found them, are you prepared to endure the tireless battle of implementing them?